3 advantages I discovered running


Beginning to run

It’s almost been three years since I started running. I began for a few reasons. I was motivated by my sister-in-law, Marcela. Every time we got together she would tell me about the places she had gone running and what she had overcome. The way she described it made it seem magical and the challenge began to get me excited.

I’ve never really been a great long distance runner. In those days I couldn’t run ten minutes in a row without passing out. She insisted that we can all run and that with practice, in a short amount of time, easily run 10 kilometers. In that moment it was hard to believe, but the possibility of being able to run without keeling over became fascinating.

So after a while I began.

She was right.

We can all run.

3 advantages to running

Once I began running frequently, I discovered three advantages that caught me by surprise:

  • The practical. I realized how easily it fits into my life. There are no fixed schedules, you run when you can wherever you are . It doesn’t take much time and as soon as you leave your house you begin. All you need is the right kind of shoe, nothing else.
  • Being in the great outdoors, contact with nature;
  • The great number of places you discover, or re-discover. Running, you look at things from another perspective. Whether by walking or running we travel through these places from the inside. Parks, coasts, streets, neighborhoods that you pass through all the time but you don’t really see. Running through them you truly enjoy and observe them. I also began to run while on vacation. It’s one of the most enjoyable things I’ve done. Running and getting to know cities like Salvador de Bahia, Rome is a delight to the senses.

Throughout the years I’ve been acquiring many of these circuits. Some I ran, others I saved to run in the future. If you would like to know the circuits we’ve recommended please click here.

Do you agree with these advantages or have you found other advantages to running? What’s your main motivation to continue running?

Feel free to leave your comments. Thanks!


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