One body, one nature

“We have one body, one life, one earth, and it is my goal to combine them all into one nature. Creating Healthy, Mindful habits to make the most of these, giving ourselves and nature the care it needs to thrive and be our best self” MONA-JANE

Excercise is an important part of my life and I am really passionate about the benefits it could have on anyone. Through my life I had been in many different moods regarding exercise.

Nowadays I have the belief that it should be something that we enjoy doing and not a punishment.  That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be challenging, but it is a time that we give to work on ourselves.

Give it a chance, be patient with it, and find what it is that you love to do! This area is for those who are looking for a simple sweat, for motivation to get moving again, or simply inspiration to help you achieve your fitness and health goals from the inside out.

 Feel free to leave questions, comments or concerns so that we can discuss them together and hopefully learn from each other!

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