Recommended running circuits

Ventajas de correr
Ventajas de correr
Ventajas de correr

Recommended running circuits


Lakes at Roosevelt Park and Miramar Park
Environment: ***

Begin at the Roosevelt Park entrance at la Playa Avenue.
Turn at the Park lake and continue on Official 8.
You enter the Lake neighborhood and continue along Secco Illa until la Playa avenue.


Trastevere y Villa Doria Pamphilj

One way
Very Difficult
Environment: *****

The circuit climbs Gianicola hill to the urban park of Villa Doria. Once in the park there is a flat relief. The park is totally incredible and has many paths so you can run whichever you want.

Begin at Piazza Navona
Cross the Tevere River at Ponte Sisto
Continue until the Fontana dell Ácqua Paola which has a panoramic view of all of Rome. This area is Gianicola and is one of the eight hills of Rome.
Continue to Villa Doria Pamphilj which is the largest urban park in Rome with a surface area of 450 acres.

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