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BOOKS. Books and more books … Some are love at first sight, others we have to make an initial effort to end completely in love with them. Some are summer romance only to be remembered; others are a truthful soulmate which will share with us all of our life. Some are a piece of art and shake our more profounds foundations while others have the simple and meaningful mission of sharing information.

Books we Love |Here we share books that make our hearts glow. Hope you enjoy the selection.| LIVES an inspirational blog.For all of those reasons we share and we will keep sharing books that make our hearts glow.

Here we arranged them by posts, topics and by author. Hope you enjoy the selection.

Collective Book Posts

– Inspirational Books for Autumn

Cookbooks, Food and Wine

Junger, Alejandro – Clean Eats

Junger, Alejandro – Clean South

Pomroy, Haylie – The Fast Metabolism Diet

Trocca, Fernando – Trocca Cocinero

Williams, Nathan –  The Kinfolk Table

The Artist´s Way, Julia Cameron | The Book | A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity | LIVES an inspirational blog.

Book Reviews by Author


Blair, Gabrielle – Design Mom


Cameron, Julia – The Artist´s Way. A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity.


Dyer, Wayne – Your Erroneous Zones


Hill, Napoleon – Think and grow Rich


Junger, Alejandro – Clean


Kondo, Marie – The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing


Pomroy, Haylie – The Fast Metabolism Diet


Williams, Nathan –  The Kinfolk Home

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