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Dinner with friends. Recipe: Mushroom Risotto with orange



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There are two things that I love most about cooking, things that make me enjoy the process and have a lot of fun. One is to make what I like to eat, and I like to eat delicious, homemade food. The other and most important reason is the act of cooking for others. It turns the kitchen into an expression of creativity, where I make something out of nothing and share it with others.

I love the aforementioned moment, having everyone in the kitchen talking while we stir or snack a bit. Topics arise, ideas are thrown back and forth as well as ways to do things and it’s a great way to share that if we weren’t cooking wouldn’t come to pass.

The dish you end up with matters more than if it is delicious or how it looks, I feel like it’s a gift to everyone. It’s a show of affection, you give of your time, your creativity, and I love to give this as a gift to people. – GUILLERMO



  • 2.5 cups carnaroli rice
  • 3.5 cups fresh portobello mushrooms
  • 1/2 cup dried porcini mushrooms
  • 4 tablespoons butter
  • 1cup parmesan cheese
  • 8 cups vegetable or mushroom broth
  • 1 cup white wine
  • 1 small onion
  • 4 leeks
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • Zest and juice of 2 oranges
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons of sage
  • Salt and black pepper to taste.

“At home we are very Italian. We make risotto from a family recipe and my aunt is the one who always makes it. One day I asked her to teach me and it was the first “elaborate” dish that I made: Classic risotto with porcini mushrooms. After making this variation I incorporated sage and orange.” GUILLERMO


Dried mushrooms: Wash the mushrooms. Heat water and soak mushrooms for 30minutes. Remove and cut up the mushrooms, reserving the liquid.. This water, along with vegetable broth will be used for the risotto; it should always be hot, maintained at a low temperature.

Fresh mushrooms: Wash and cut the mushrooms, set aside.

1. Place half the butter and the olive oil in a pot and lightly saute the leeks. Add the dried re-hydrated mushrooms and the rice and brown for two minutes.

2. Add the wine and cook at medium temperature until the alcohol has evaporated. Begin adding broth a bit at a time while it’s absorbed by the rice. Do not let the rice dry out.

3. In a skillet, brown the garlic in olive oil and add the fresh mushrooms. You can add a spoonful of broth during the process, which shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes. Once it’s finished, remove from the burner.

4. Incorporate the fresh mushrooms with the rice, when they reduce add two spoonfuls of broth. Finish the process by adding the other half of the butter and parmesan as well as the sage and rind and orange juice.

5. Plate with black pepper, parmesan, sage leaves, and orange rind

Serves 6


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Winter Stew by Maitena | RECIPE.



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Winter Stew | Recipe | Create Food | LIVES an inspirational blog.

“The best family memories I have are all related to food. I like that feeling of family and love that is generated through the act of cooking. Everyone is involved and present at the table, in the kitchen and in the dialogue.

Each food has a particular effect on us, cooking helps us to understand where the food comes from, what are we exactly eating and what that food produces on us.” – MAITENA



  • 1 1/2 cup white beans
  • 500 g tomato sauce
  • 1/4 red pepper
  • 1/2 onion
  • 3 celery stalks
  • 1 carrot
  • 3 slices of zucchini
  • 500 g of beef
  • 100 g bacon
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar
  • Salt and pepper 
  • Fresh oregano


“Stews are made with leftovers, with what we have at hand. They are a way to learn to use what we already have in our kitchen. The quantities are added roughly. This recipe is ideal for a family meal, for warming up in winter and taking advantage of the available vegetables in each season.” – MAITENA


The Method

Previously. Leave the beans in water the night before.

1. Chop the red pepper, onion, celery, carrot and bacon. Cut the meat into small pieces and the zucchini into medium slices. The corn in small pieces.


2. Heat the bacon in a saucepan over high heat with its own juice. Add the red pepper, onion, celery and carrot. Add the meat. At the same time cook the beans in another saucepan.

3. When the beans are ready, turn them off and mix them with the meat and vegetables. Use the same water to add to the stew. Add the tomato sauce and sugar to cut the acidity. Add oregano and salt to taste.

Serves 4 

*We all ate the stew so fast that we forgot the final photo. Sorry!


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Raw bars by Elisa | RECIPE



[ Creative / Owner, Daas Media ]

It’s been a while since I wanted to make this recipe for my son Luc’s afternoon snack in his preschool. But for one reason or another I’ve been postponing it.

Some days ago Mariana invited me to collaborate with content in liveswrite.com and thinking about how to do it, we came up with the idea of putting this recipe (and others) into practice and sharing them in her blog.

So, Luc and I went over to her house with the excuse of spending a different and fun morning. There Juanito, her son, was waiting for us and we prepared these scrumptious raw bars.

The reasons I love this recipe are:

  • It’s super fast and easy
  • It’s nutritious and it gives us energy
  • All the ingredients are alive!
  • It’s delicious

Raw Bars


  • 1 cup unseeded dates
  • ½ cup activated almonds*
  • ½ cup raw cashew nuts
  • ½ cup whole sesame seeds
  • ¼ cup raisins
  • 2 spoonfuls cocoa powder
*Activation is a process done by soaking the seeds in filtered water for some hours to increase their nutritional values.

The Method

First place the dates in a food processor until you have a smooth paste. Then, add the rest of the ingredients until they blend in with the date paste.

Personally, I prefer to feel some chunks of nuts when chewing so I don’t process them much.

Press the mixture with a wooden spoon into a clean and dry baking dish.

Let it chill in the fridge for 15 minutes. Then remove it from the fridge and place it on a marble countertop or cool surface.

Cut out in squares, serve or store wrapped in paper to pack. 🙂


I hope you can do this recipe and give us some feedback about your experience.


What to eat: day by day how to organize your family meals




I decided to indulge myself in giving time and place to plan my weekly family meals. I sat at my desk, displayed some of my cookbooks, and together with a warm potion set off to design my week.

A long time ago I realized that having my stuff planned and thought in advance makes me extremely happy – without exaggerating- mainly when it comes to things that don’t naturally flow for me, like cooking which definitely doesn’t.

Solving meals and shopping demands quite a lot of energy and make me feel under pressure. Planning allows me to give tone, rhythm and structure to the upcoming week so that I can afterwards go through what has already been thought.

Sunday is the day I prefer to dedicate myself to planning because it gives me clarity to begin the week. Having everything I need that same Sunday or Monday morning totally changes my week.

For those moments when I’m not thinking clearly and need ideas, I know I have this written guide. Needless to say, I’m one of those persons who needs things written down.

I’m sharing with you the menu I’m currently using. I’m very flexible with it. The idea is to reduce the stress to the minimum and stop seeing this as another dull duty.

The fact that I’m better organized means that I can also include my children and their assistance in the kitchen. It’s great fun to have them doing things with you and make them feel useful and helpful at home.

Also, it motivates them to eat better because they see what they cook, they start becoming familiar with ingredients, flavours, colours and textures.

I must recognize I’m not alone in the kitchen. I count with Vicky who is of great help and without whom these dishes would not be possible.


Cereal-based dishes

-Lunch: Quinoa with egg, tomato and arugula. Lately, I’ve been mixing black and white quinoa for a change and found that kids love it! You can find the recipe for perfect quinoa in “It’s all good”, page 178.

-Dinner: Brown rice risotto, recipe by Juliana Lopez May.



Legume-based dishes

Lentil stew




Chicken-based dishes

-Lunch: Chicken chop suey rolls with lettuce, arugula and cucumber.

-Dinner: Chicken chop suey




Fish-based dishes

-Lunch: Fish schnitzels with salad and mashed potatoes for the kids.

-Dinner: Sushi




Egg and vegetable-based dishes

-Lunch: Spanish omelette with pumpkin soufflé and salad.

-Dinner: Pizza




Beef and pork-based dishes

-Lunch: Grilled hamburguers




-Lunch: Pasta



The red words are the ingredients of the day; it’s an idea I took from Waldorf philosophy. I’m not quite sure yet about how to incorporate them. For the time being, only rice and wheat are part of our menu, but we’ll slowly add the other ingredients to our routine.

I’d love to know if you have any recipes with these ingredients and to hear how you plan your own weeks.


Homesong blog. Simple things done with care  – Meal Planning in my favorite corner

Translated by MA

Food: eat it with thought

I am very passionate about food and I seriously love to eat. I few years ago I discovered a new path to eating that really makes a lot of sense to me. I discover healthy and conscious eating. A whole new world opens to me. Since that time I am continually evolving in my tastes and choices. Always trying to introduce that way of life at home, a little bit each day.

I used to eat without taking care of what I put in my mouth. I really didn’t give much thought about the food. It either taste good or not.

Three years ago a friend told me about this detox program she was doing called Clean based on the book  Clean of  Doctor Junger. I did it and I really felt the clarity on my body and mind. At that time, I did it mainly to lose weight. However, to my surprise, in the process I found out that I was felling amazing. I had an incredible amount of energy and clarity in my mind among other good changes like the great skin and good mood.

I started to have a special new relation with food. I discovered the pleasure of discovering and incorporating new foods, new flavours and healthy recipes to my daily diet.It was the first time I give attention to my body and understands how it reacts to different types of foods.

Since that days I am in a continuous process of learning and it feels amazing. Is that creative and mindful process thatt I want to share here.


I want to share this food rules I found in the Amanda Watters blog; Homesong. The rules appeared in an American food poster from World War I and II. It was printed to encourage behavior modification concerning food, specifically how we purchase, cook it, and consume it. The original posters date back to 1917, exactly one hundred years ago, yet as Amanda poited out it feels as the same sort of rules we would like to have in our homes know.


  1. Buy it with thought.
  2. Cook it with care.
  3. Use less meat and wheat.
  4. Buy local foods.
  5. Serve just enough.
  6. Use what’s left.

Don’t waste it.