A quest for meaning. An inspirational documentary.

A quest for meaning is an inspirational french documentary directed by Marc de la Ménardiére and Nathanael Coste. 29 leaders and outstanding individuals, with a desire to live in harmony, gave their testimony.

Inspirational Books for Autumn

Books are one of the most beautiful things in the world. Collecting and having them at home is a pleasure. Touching them, rereading them… We’ve all been moved by architecture and design books’ sensitivity and photography but, recently, cookbooks have incorporated in this group and found a place in our hearts. They’ve become more and more impressive and have gained room in our shelves.

Autumn playlist: 15 artists

There are times when we just want to lay back, light up the fire and listen to music. Just loosen up and let songs take us to magical places and help us day dream. There is music that touches our soul and takes us to certain places.Listen to the playlist