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The Artist´s Way book by Julia Cameron

The Artist´s Way, Julia Cameron | The Book | A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity | LIVES an inspirational blog.

“The position of the artist is humble. He is essentially a channel.” Piet Mondrian

A spiritual path to higher creativity.

Forty years ago Julia Cameron started teaching artists how to unblock themselves and pick up their creative path. Her students were painters, poets, sculptors, writers, filmmakers, actors, photographers, architects or simply people who wanted to further develop their creative capacity in life. This generated such an impact that after a while it was impossible to reach this course to everyone that wanted to take it. So, Julia decided to write a course manual to send to those who were left out. That would be the first draft of her book as we know it.

The Artist’s Way is a practical and straightforward book to keep forever. To read, leave aside, pick up and reread as a study manual or guide.

The Artist´s Way, Julia Cameron | The Book | A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity | LIVES an inspirational blog.

From the beginning and throughout the book, faith appears as the main concept in the creative process. The book is based on the idea that we are all creative beings and that the creative act is an act of faith on itself. It asks us to be open to helping others and to receive help either to discover our creative being or to recover it. As Carl Jung used to say, “I don’t think, I know”. This is the way every artist’s faith is and should be.

The book gives us basic tools which may seem simple but slowly penetrate deeply and modify -either smoothly or abruptly- our perspectives and schemes. Those breaking points that start happening in the logic mind, in the ego, make space for creativity, flexibility and your being’s spirituality.

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Photography Biru Capurro. Edición MA.

Inspirational Books for Autumn

Books are one of the most beautiful things in the world. Collecting and having them at home is a pleasure. Touching them, rereading them… We’ve all been moved by architecture and design books’ sensitivity and photography but, recently, cookbooks have incorporated in this group and found a place in our hearts. They’ve become more and more impressive and have gained room in our shelves.

All these books have an impeccable aesthetic and stunning images and, on the one hand, have become a beautiful and timeless element of design which adds a special interest in any room in our houses. On the other side, and even more important, they are a constant source of inspiration. They teach us through their stories, recipes, places, people and ways of living.

This fall I want to share with you what have already become our inspirational book titles. I hope you too find inspiration in them!

“The Kinfolk Home”, Nathan Williams (2015) – Throughout the book we are welcomed to 35 houses located in different places around the world which celebrate slow and simple ways of living. These houses and their inhabitants show some of the principles of slow living: cultivating the community, simplifying and dedicating time to what matters most in life. In the book you can find portrait or interior pictures, essays and descriptions of these houses which belong to designers, entrepreneurs, architects, photographers and stylists and are located in the five continents. The author invites each character to describe their ideals and how they have moulded their homes and vice versa.

“Trocca Cocinero”, Fernando Trocca (2016) – This book shows us a little bit more about Fernando’s history. The food, dishes, scenes and stories that he tells us through Eugenio Mazzinghi’s pictures are moving. The whole book takes us to his kitchen and intimate scenes set in South America, especially in Argentina and Uruguay. Even though the recipes have a certain complexity in their ingredients or methods, an amateur will surely be inspired by an ingredient, spice, method or by Trocca’s way of living, successfully fostering friendships and relationships through food.

“Design Mom”, Gabrielle Stanley Blair (2015) – This book is about how to design a house where you can live a simpler and happier life both adults and children. It is divided in seven chapters. Each one takes us around a different and important room in the house. It gives us practical and clear ideas on which elements should be in each of the rooms and how to organize them. Also, the writer shares her life experience as a professional designer and a mother of six. It’s a book with real houses’ pictures which is full of inspiration and is practical and easy to implement. It teaches us that it isn’t a matter of buying more, but of making what we already have work in order to have a more wonderful and happier house.



Photographs by Biru Capurro. Translated by MA.