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Carmelo Uruguay | Weekend Getaway.

Wine Lodge Narbona
Pueblo Camacho
Pueblo Camacho
Hyatt - Carmelo, Uruguay

Carmelo Uruguay

How to get there, where to stay and what to do in Carmelo Uruguay. Tips and recommendations for a weekend getaway.


Carmelo can be reached by boat through el Río Uruguay or through Ruta 21. The route runs across the town of Carmelo. When you passed the town you have the Hyatt Carmelo Hotel and then the neighborhoods of El Faro, La Toscanita and Pueblo Camacho. When you take the Route again and cross the bridge over Arroyo Las Víboras Narbona appears. Casa chic is the last one and from the Route you have to take the road called Minas towards the Río Uruguay til you reach the place.


  • Hyatt Carmelo – We stayed in this hotel. The infrastructure is amazing, bungalows in the middle of the woods of Pine and Eucalyptus. A wide white sandy beach of the Río de la Plata. Open and closed swimming pool. Kayaks. Bicycle. Horses.

Other smaller and charming options:



  • Bikes. Undoubtedly, the means to explore the place and discover all its hidden corners
  • Running and hiking, also the other way to explore the place.
  • Horseback riding. An hour of horse riding may seem like a day trip through different geographies: woods, desert, prairies, river coast vegetation.
  • Fishing.

If it is summer, besides all these possibilities, the life in Carmelo revolves around the River and the activities that arise from it. Bathing, sunbathing, resting or practicing sports with boat like fishing, skiing or wind such as kitesurfing and windsurfing.

Click here to listen to the playlist inspired in Carmelo

California Dreamin´ Planning a trip with kids in campervan

One of the nicest parts of travelling happens before you leave: planning, investigating, reading. It’s the perfect excuse to get together with friends who have already been in your destination and listen to their stories from a different perspective, from a more attentive hearing. It’s the perfect excuse to read articles, magazines, books, to figure out maps and go through pictures of the very many places you are going to visit. The aim is to assemble all this imaginary, to put the pieces of the puzzle together in our heads, to fit them and move them until the puzzle is complete and we feel it is a perfect trip. When you feel that there is no excess or lack.

The first thing that impressed me when I first began looking for inspiration for this trip, was the great number of amazing and different places to visit. Luckily, we are travelling with our children, so that narrows down the possible destinations and includes others without a doubt.

I am now sharing with you my first draft plan and some of the criteria that helped me plan this trip with our two children, Francesca (6) and Juani (3).

Photograph by Courtney Adamo in Somewhere Slower

Travelling pace

It is better to avoid being ambitious and leave out some destinations for a future trip. When travelling with children, it is a good idea to enjoy every place and give it the time it deserves. Also, I recommend avoiding long hours on the road or running from place to place. We must plan free time. We should always choose places they will enjoy. Open air spaces surrounded by nature are the best choice, such as parks and beaches. We should always choose places where they can walk or run freely and avoid touristic or crowded spots.

Travel route

Our trip begins and ends in San Francisco. We are renting a motorhome in San Francisco and we will head south to Los Angeles making some stops on the way. We will return through another route, visit some parks and head north back to San Francisco. The total length of the trip is 21 days

  • San Francisco.  2 nights.
  • Área de Santa Cruz – Monterrey – Carmel. 2 nights.
  • Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. 3 nights.
  • Santa Barbara. 2 nights.
  • Area de Los Angeles – Venice. 3 nights.
  • New Port. 2 nights.
  • Sequoia National Park. 1 night.
  • Yosemite National Park. 3 nights.
  • South Lake Tahoe. 2 nights.
  • San Francisco. 1 night.

Plan ahead the places you want to visit

It is always a good idea to have a list of places at hand such as children-friendly places we have been recommended or that have inspired us and we would like to visit. While on trip, you will leave some of them out and others will be added, but having options is a fabulous idea. It gives us confidence and we may avoid uncertainty and grouchiness when visiting new places especially with children. These are some tips I gathered for Venice, CA


Photo by Courtney Adamo in Somewhere Slower


Just let time pass and enjoy sunsets, wide beaches and good food.

Have you already made this trip? Are you planning a similar one? Or maybe know where to find useful tips? Please, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. It’s very useful to all of us who are looking for inspiration. Thanks!



Photographs liveswrite,  Ryan LongneckerCourtney Adamo. Translated by MA.

Weekend Getaway: 5 autumn days in Punta del Este, Uruguay…


Weekend Getaway Uruguay Lives and writes

IMG_0210 (editado)

Weekend Getaway Uruguay Lives and writes


Weekend Getaway Uruguay Lives and writes

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Weekend Getaway Uruguay Lives and writes

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Weekend Getaway Uruguay Lives and writes

IMG_0278 (editado)

Weekend Getaway Uruguay Lives and writes

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Weekend Getaway Uruguay Lives and writes

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Weekend Getaway Uruguay Lives and writes

IMG_0254 (editado)

Weekend Getaway Uruguay Lives and writes

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Weekend Getaway Uruguay Lives and writes

In autumn Punta del Este is a city of immense charm. There are practically no tourists but the majority of the shops and restaurants are still open. The weather remains suitable enough to enjoy open air activities such as long walks along the beach or through the woods, riding on horseback or cycling, practicing surf or kitesurf either in a lagoon or at the beach or just sightseeing any of the countless landscapes available in every nook.


We chose to stay at the Grand Hotel for our first night. Even though we almost didn’t leave the hotel, it’s very well located in front of the Playa Brava. We mainly chose it because of the indoor pool which is ideal for children in this weather. We also liked the hotel in general and we proved our choice right.

We arrived in Punta del Este at 3 pm. This is a new hotel and we found it was a very comfortable option to stay with your family. We mostly stayed indoors just wandering around and enjoying its facilities. The children were enthused since the moment we arrived and the staff was very kind and helpful.

First, we went to the rooms. We had booked two spacious rooms which were connected. The bathrooms and beds were very good, plus we had a mesmerizing view of the Playa Brava waves.

During the day we alternated between indoor pool and bubble baths, enjoyed teatime and repeated the cycle some hours later to round up the day with a red-eyed supper.

The rest of the days we rented a small farm in El Quijote through Airbnb, but you can also book it from El Quijote’s website.  The place is amazing. It is located in the outskirts of Barra de Maldonado next to Fasano Hotel Las Piedras.

Every small farm has a 5000-square-meter field which shares with the other farms a nature reserve. The landmark remains unaltered in this reserve: gulches, native land and shores of the Arroyo Maldonado; cows, sheep and horses grazing in the open field; all types of birds in the lagoons and dykes. Even though we wanted to do all of the countless activities offered by this lovely place, our minds and bodies only allowed us to ride on horseback and go for a long walk along the fields. The rest of the time passed while we enjoyed having interesting chats, viewing the landscape and seeing our children spend time in this magical place.


Candles, oils and scents in Velas de la Ballena, Manantiales, along the route. This is a beautiful place, full of amazing scents and candles.


Thursday afternoon we had lunch with some friends in Narbona Wine Lodge which is five minutes away from El Quijote. The place is idyllic. It is an old farm house which shows great sensitivity in every detail. It is a U-shaped plan which embraces an interior garden with a pond that opens to the fields and its vineyards. The staff was very charming and whilst it is a chic environment it was also a relaxing one. I strongly recommend it to go with children, ours played non-stop and ran everywhere. The only moment they stopped was for the schnitzel with French fries and the ice-cream. We spent a lovely time with friends and enjoyed an excellent local wine.

When we were already coming back to Montevideo, from San Carlos and then on Ruta 8, we made one of our obligatory stops which is Parador Fito. Daniel, the restaurant’s owner, makes us feel at home and it’s a must for us. The menu is amazing and unpretentious. My favourite: Spanish omellette with onions and green salad.

Please don’t hesitate to leave any pieces of advice or recommendations in the comments’ section which follows. It’s always useful for those of us looking for inspiration for our future trips. Thanks!

Translated by MA

Some place between the beach and the river

A weekend between Barrancas and Cabo Polonio. Our first stop was in Pueblo Barrancas we have beautiful and calm lunch by the pool. The kids really loved the place. It has an Orchard, some wild horses that are like dogs and lovely pathways. Then we headed to our main destination, a small farm inside the Natural Reserve of Cabo Polonio: Rincon de Calimaris.

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Farm in Cabo Polonio, Uruguay

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Fishing in Rincon de Calimaris, Uruguay

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Peace and quiet

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Magical Sunset in Valizas Stream, Uruguay

The farm is accessible by walking, by 4×4 vehicles or by boat trough the Valizas stream. To access through 4×4 vehicles you must have a special permission that we didn’t have. Luckly we manage to get through, however there are no exceptions if you are going to the Cabo, you have to buy your tickets and access with the special 4×4 vehicles that are in the highway.

The place that we arrived is completely magical. In one side you have the views of the high dunes of Valizas and Cabo Polonio. On the other side you have countryside views cows, horses, and the Valizas Stream with all his incredible nature.

We loved to fish with the kids, we didn’t take it seriously although you can. In our memory we brought:

  • Fishing siri a blue crab . You can eat it and is delicious.
  • River baths just like a huge pool.
  • Riding the small boat through the different waterways of Valizas stream.
  • Bonfires next to the shore with the most beautiful sky.
  • Love to talk to the friendly and humble people of the area

Just being there, slowing down seeing the views, listening to the sounds of the kids playing mixing with the birds and nature sounds….