3 recommendations to wake up and live our lives

We find it very hard to allow, simply allow, things to happen. To trust the universe and its perfection. To trust in ourselves and in our inner voice. To be in silence. To listen to that unique voice before actioning.

The plainness and simplicity of this process (or maybe philosophy) is incredible. What’s even more incredible is that when one is carried away by this wisdom for a short time -a couple of days, weeks or months-, the things that start happening to our lives exceed fiction. One by one, events start to unfold, they find their places in what are for us unimaginable ways which we could have never planned or controlled.

I guess one of the reasons why we find this so hard to believe in is because we haven’t been taught about it. In general, and with the best of intentions, we’ve been told exactly the opposite. Years of joint effort towards the opposite direction…

So, we find ourselves lost and facing an uphill task.

Many times we feel worried, sad, depressed and we find it hard to feel enthused about life. Other times we are angry or in a bad mood. Life becomes a hostile place and we feel powerless. We find it hard to get up in the morning and we are exhausted at night. We live through tense relationships and blame exterior circumstances for our discomfort: our couple, our children, our parents. If they were different, we would feel all right. Conditions appear everywhere: If I had more money, another job, house, life partner, if I were more intelligent, thinner…

Our inner being talks to us through our emotions, but we don’t know it. We think there’s something wrong with us. We don’t know how to stop and be in silence. We just keep on…

So, in order to be heard, our inner being takes on even stronglier. Physical pains begin such as headaches, backaches, stomach aches, we get colds, etc…

But we still don’t listen. We take something to ease the symptoms, but they become chronic. Then, we go to the doctor. The system supports this vicious cycle and takes even more drastic measures to silent our being which cries out to be listened to.

We feel something should change, something should be different. But we don’t know what that is and we continue…

At some point, for different reasons we wake up and start to figure it out. We slowly begin to make conscious decisions. We begin to live and enjoy the present moment. We thank what we have and enjoy it. We think and ask life for what we want fearlessly.

We start an amazing path. A path that is conscious, unique and ours. A path to deprogramming, to letting go. We leave old habits behind and submerge ourselves in new ones that give us joy, peace and confidence.

I can identify three practices that have helped me a lot on this conscious path of permanent alignment, that continue to help me until now and which I would like to share with you:

  1. Seek for help and let yourself be helped.

    This is the most important one. Just practicing this would be enough and would make the rest happen naturally. We have to give a chance to everything we feel might help us. No questioning. No doubting. Without giving any explanations to ourselves or to other people. No matter how strange, unheard or different it might sound to us or our environment. Allowing ourselves to be helped can lead us to our most amazing inner places.

  2. Read.

    When you read, you have the world in your hands. You are transported to an infinite amount of people, experiences and places. Knowledge is there, ready for anyone who is prepared to receive it. You can learn how other people think, live or have thought and lived. We feed our curiosity and exercise the act of questioning. In my experience, reading has happened naturally, but you could find this learning in another way of communication.

  3. Yoga.

    Yoga gives you amazing tools. It teaches you to be aware of your body and to connect with it. It provides a space and time to be in touch with your inner being. It teaches you to meditate, to listen to yourself. You can follow your own pace.  As I mentioned before, I found these tools in yoga, but there are many other disciplines that can teach you the same. Each person has to find the one that reaches their soul.

M ♡

Photographs by Biru Capurro. Translated by MA.


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