The Kid´s Bedroom: Six inspirational ideas

There are different types of bedrooms. We might have a big family and some of our children share the same room in a small place where beds hardly fit, or maybe our house is so small that the bedroom is only a little bit bigger than a closet or, on the other hand, our house is maybe big enough that every member of the family has his/her own bedroom.

In any case, how we think it and design it, what is included and what is left aside, will determine what happens as well as the children and the whole family’s pace.


Here are some ideas that has been inspiring when thinking and designing bedrooms:

1. It should be a place to sleep and be calm. It is a good idea that the bedroom is a place to sleep in or for activities related to retreat. Besides the bed, the main elements in a bedroom are a wardrobe with their clothes, a nightstand with a night lamp and a few toys. It’s a great idea to have a library or a piece of furniture with the majority of the kid’s books because reading is a compatible activity with sleep. It’s better to leave the rest of the objects for the living room or play room. We should keep the bedroom for everything that is related to sleep, nap and daydreaming.


2. Keep it simple. To start with, stick to a neutral palette for walls and floor. Toys and kids’ decoration are colourful enough. You can emphasize colour with rugs, throws, cushions, tapestries or any object of your like.


3. Design a bedroom that works now. Life is too unpredictable to buy or design something that is useful in the future. Think it so that it works now and you’ll modify it on the way. If you’ll need to change something, it’s better to change it when you need to, rather than living surrounded by decisions based on future needs. Plans change and a short stay in a house can turn into a long one or vice versa. So, a good idea is to do our best for the current moment.


4. Storage. The best thing you can do is to keep toys somewhere you can’t see them, such as cupboards or drawers and rotate them. But we can also use decorative and useful objects such as baskets or trucks to store.  Baskets are a very good choice. This way kids can easily have access to their toys and will be able to put them away too!


5. Helping our children store up their treasures. There are certain objects which we never know where to keep. We can’t throw them away because they are their treasures, but we will see them around the house forever: pebbles or feathers they collected in the park, letters and drawings, crafts, among others. We need a place where they can keep all their treasures. The hiding place can be small, medium or big, the size doesn’t matter. What is relevant is that it exists and that it’s only theirs. It could be a shelf, a drawer, a box or any other object where they can keep their stuff: their special place. It’s a place where they can keep or remove any object they love.


6. Considering their interests. What does your child like? What does he like to play with?. He might love dinosaurs or trucks, he can also be a soccer fan or maybe adore horses. Our kids’ rooms must be their reflection. We can use images, real objects or their own drawings which can be framed and hung from the wall like masterpieces. We can also hang some objects or display them on shelves, or maybe create a device to pin pictures.

Dealing with Disney.

We love Disney. Characters, films, everything. We sing every Frozen song and we adore Moana. But, it can stay there and avoid turning into the main theme of decorations and children’s clothing. If you happen to fall in love with Finding Nemo, it’s a great idea to look at books, posters and other sources related to marine life. Or maybe, you fall in love with Buzz Lightyear and you can connect it with space and planets. This way we are being intentional with the atmosphere we are creating.

Another good tip that can help you avoid some annoyance is not to take him shopping. If your child needs shoes and you know there’s going to be a huge tantrum over Elsa’s and Olaf’s new shoes, just don’t take him. This way you’re not going to expose him to that kind of decisions. We can do the shopping alone, choosing from an adult point of view. If he doesn’t know those shoes exist, he’ll be fine with our choice and won’t feel deprived of other more tempting options.


Please feel free to make any comments or any good idea I have left aside!



Translated by MA.

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