Food: eat it with thought

I am very passionate about food and I seriously love to eat. I few years ago I discovered a new path to eating that really makes a lot of sense to me. I discover healthy and conscious eating. A whole new world opens to me. Since that time I am continually evolving in my tastes and choices. Always trying to introduce that way of life at home, a little bit each day.

I used to eat without taking care of what I put in my mouth. I really didn’t give much thought about the food. It either taste good or not.

Three years ago a friend told me about this detox program she was doing called Clean based on the book  Clean of  Doctor Junger. I did it and I really felt the clarity on my body and mind. At that time, I did it mainly to lose weight. However, to my surprise, in the process I found out that I was felling amazing. I had an incredible amount of energy and clarity in my mind among other good changes like the great skin and good mood.

I started to have a special new relation with food. I discovered the pleasure of discovering and incorporating new foods, new flavours and healthy recipes to my daily diet.It was the first time I give attention to my body and understands how it reacts to different types of foods.

Since that days I am in a continuous process of learning and it feels amazing. Is that creative and mindful process thatt I want to share here.


I want to share this food rules I found in the Amanda Watters blog; Homesong. The rules appeared in an American food poster from World War I and II. It was printed to encourage behavior modification concerning food, specifically how we purchase, cook it, and consume it. The original posters date back to 1917, exactly one hundred years ago, yet as Amanda poited out it feels as the same sort of rules we would like to have in our homes know.


  1. Buy it with thought.
  2. Cook it with care.
  3. Use less meat and wheat.
  4. Buy local foods.
  5. Serve just enough.
  6. Use what’s left.

Don’t waste it.

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