Autumn playlist: 15 artists

05062017_livewrite_0105062017_writesandlives3There are times when we just want to lay back, light up the fire and listen to music. Just loosen up and let songs take us to magical places and help us day dream. There is music that touches our soul and takes us to certain places.

Autumn is reflective. There’s a special melancholy around wet days and grey skies and inspiring landscapes full of colours. Autumn is the first cold after summer, the perfect excuse to cuddle, stay home without feeling guilty; to cook, read or simply look out the window holding something warm.

There are songs that embrace us, as if they were meant to be listened to in this season, they are nostalgic, smooth and reflective songs that have an autumn heart.  

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Autumn Artists:

Ady Suleiman

Beta Radio

Bob Dylan

Bushy one string

Dua Lipa

Felipe Baldomir

Imagine Dragons

Jack Johnson


Katie Melua

Morten Myklebust

Norah Jones


Song of the East

Tristan Prettyman

05062017_livewrite_02M ♡

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  1. Claire M says:

    Amazing playlist to get our inner selves moving away from the cold! Thanks 💙

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