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Autumn playlist

Autumn playlist: 15 artists

There are times when we just want to lay back, light up the fire and listen to music. Just loosen up and let songs take us to magical places and help us day dream. There is music that touches our soul and takes us to certain places.Listen to the playlist

Conscious life

A conscious life: How to live a good life with kids

How to live with children… Not only how to live, but how to live a good life with children… As an architect and mom, I find this topic spinning round in my head on a daily basis. How to create a home where both adults and kids can enjoy at different ages and stages.


3 recommendations to wake up and live our lives

We find it very hard to allow, simply allow, things to happen. To trust the universe and its perfection. To trust in ourselves and in our inner voice. To be in silence. To listen to that unique voice before actioning.


Weekend Getaway: 5 autumn days in Punta del Este, Uruguay…

In autumn Punta del Este is a city of immense charm. There are practically no tourists but the majority of the shops and restaurants are still open. The weather remains suitable enough to enjoy open air activities such as long walks along the beach or through the woods, riding on horseback or cycling, practicing surf or kitesurf either in a lagoon or at the beach or just sightseeing any of the countless landscapes available in every nook.

Pedagogía Waldorf

What is Waldorf pedagogy and 7 reasons why I like it

This year my family and I began a new life phase in a Waldorf school. My 3-year-old son started kindergarten in this school –the only one in my country or at least one of the very few based on this educational philosophy. Another change and another challenge for this year which is being marked by new experiences.


One body, one nature

Excercise is an important part of my life and I am really passionate about the benefits it could have on anyone. Through my life I had been in many different moods regarding exercise.