Some place between the beach and the river

A weekend between Barrancas and Cabo Polonio. Our first stop was in Pueblo Barrancas we have beautiful and calm lunch by the pool. The kids really loved the place. It has an Orchard, some wild horses that are like dogs and lovely pathways. Then we headed to our main destination, a small farm inside the Natural Reserve of Cabo Polonio: Rincon de Calimaris.

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Farm in Cabo Polonio, Uruguay

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Fishing in Rincon de Calimaris, Uruguay

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Peace and quiet

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Magical Sunset in Valizas Stream, Uruguay

The farm is accessible by walking, by 4×4 vehicles or by boat trough the Valizas stream. To access through 4×4 vehicles you must have a special permission that we didn’t have. Luckly we manage to get through, however there are no exceptions if you are going to the Cabo, you have to buy your tickets and access with the special 4×4 vehicles that are in the highway.

The place that we arrived is completely magical. In one side you have the views of the high dunes of Valizas and Cabo Polonio. On the other side you have countryside views cows, horses, and the Valizas Stream with all his incredible nature.

We loved to fish with the kids, we didn’t take it seriously although you can. In our memory we brought:

  • Fishing siri a blue crab . You can eat it and is delicious.
  • River baths just like a huge pool.
  • Riding the small boat through the different waterways of Valizas stream.
  • Bonfires next to the shore with the most beautiful sky.
  • Love to talk to the friendly and humble people of the area

Just being there, slowing down seeing the views, listening to the sounds of the kids playing mixing with the birds and nature sounds….


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