About the blog

Just to remind us to be happy every day and
appreciate each part of the universe.


With the purpose of inspiring me and others, and finding out ways to live a more conscious, creative and joyful life, is that I stared to write and to share in this space called Lives.

Lives promotes quality of life and connects a global community of creative and globally minded people. Nowadays Lives is a lifestyle online media with weekly posts in two languages.

We vision ourselves as a dynamic mix of online and print media, with books, events, galleries, shops and cafes with products that cater to our readers tastes and are produced by brands we believe in.

These are the topics we generally talked about:

· Clarity ·

mind and spirit. mindfulness. meditate.

· Being a Mom and Family · 

love. laugh. joy. sweetness. creative happy children.

· Sensuality ·

·  Create ·

art. paint. architecture. design. style. cook. photography. landscape. music. write.

· Discover ·

· Body · 

wellness. natural routines and rhythms. model. run. healthy food. sports. yoga.

·  Travel · 

·  Nature and Play· 

dont forget to play.

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