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A rhythm for cleaning

A conscious and mindful living. Inspiration for cleaning rythms and routines.

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives. What we do with this hour, and that one, is what we are doing. A schedule defends from chaos and whim. It is a net for catching days. It is a scaffolding on which a worker can stand and labor with both hands at sections of time. A schedule is a mock-up of reason and order—willed, faked, and so brought into being; it is a peace and a haven set into the wreck of time; it is a lifeboat on which you find yourself, decades later, still living. Each day is the same, so you remember the series afterward as a blurred and powerful pattern.” – Annie Dillard from The Writing Life

When we design a map or “net” – as Dilliar calls it – to plan all the events in the day, we are able to focus on every task without feeling overwhelmed or anxious about everything else that is in our heads.

Rhythm allows things to flow and this gives us calm. There are countless ways to organize our house’s cleaning, here I am sharing one of those many ways.

It’s a way to begin finding your own rhythm, one that makes you feel comfortable. It is not work that tires our minds, but the process of starting it and finding a perfect time and rhythm for it in our day.

Weekly Cleaning Rythm

Monday – Wake up

  • Wash bedclothes, rugs and towels
  • Treat stained clothes
  • Check your pantry and fridge and do the shopping list.
  • Clean the fridge. Check food and containers. Only leave what is fresh.


  • Clean bathrooms in depth: toilets, washbasins, countertops, mirrors, bath and shower.
  • Vacuum cupboard floors. Choose a drawer or shelf to clean.
  • Donate three objects you don’t use.


  • Clean outdoor places
  • Look after the garden
  • Look after interior plants.
  • Wash the car.
  • Clean your pet’s stuff.

Thursday – order

  • Clean kitchen in depth: countertops, shelves, cupboards, oven, microwave oven, laundry area.
  • Clean windows: glasses and rails.
  • Look after wooden surfaces.


  • Air the rugs and shake them well.
  • Clean floors and skirting boards. Doors and walls.
  • Clean switches.
  • Clean coffee tables, auxiliary tables, bookcases and shelves.

Saturday and Sunday

  • Plan weekly meals
  • Have a rest and recharge batteries!

Every day:

  • Make the beds.
  • Do the laundry and iron. Leave aside bedclothes, towels and stained clothes.
  • Wash the dishes and dry.
  • Sweep or vacuum the floor after every meal.
  • Clean countertops.
  • Tidy up everything.
  • If time:
  • Go over bathrooms.
  • Vacuum floors.

Cleaning: dont take it too serious

This routine is just a guide, a point of departure when we feel at a loss. You don’t have to take it very seriously, but as something that can help you make a better use of your time. When we are able to organize ourselves, order and clean every place, we can feel rewarded with a sense of accomplishment and ease.

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Translated by MA.