How to be a playful Mom. 2 reminders to add joy into our days

a playful mom

Joy. Fun. Play

Being a playful mom and staying clear and balanced during the day is a continuous excercise of alignment. Even more if we want to keep a joyful and playful mood.

A playful mom = a well-rested mom

The way in which we start our mornings is key. I know not everybody is a morning person -I didn’t use to be one either- but I’ve come to realise that mornings set the pace of the day. Even more when you have children.

We have to start every morning well-rested. We need to open our eyes and really feel rested. To SLEEP: to give a good rest to our body. Such a simple concept, yet a difficult one to put into practice -and it’s worse if you are a mom. We tend to forget about sleeping and we don’t give it importance. Moreover, sleeping is underestimated in our society. People who sleep too much are often treated with disdain, as if they were lazy or idle.

A playful mom = appreciate the nice things in your life

The first thing we have to do when we wake up feeling rested is to appreciate. Stay a minute in bed and mentally go through all the positive aspects of our lifes. Before our minds starts a whirlwind of thoughts: appreciate and thank.

In fact, I recommend you go further and keep a journal of Positive Aspects (Book of Positive Aspects). Give ourself 15 minutes a day -if possible- to sit, think and write about the people with whom we’ve felt well and the moments and circumstances when we’ve felt well, too. Our vibrations and energy increases when we do this. Every time it will be easier to feel well and appreciate the nice things in our lives.

Being well rested and implementing a simple gratitude practise in the mornings are two very powerful and transforming elements to keep us full of life and with joy while our days goes by.  Appreciate the people in your life, all the people still yet to come, your health, your journey, your path, the things you have learnt, the thing you have not, your strenghts, your weaknesses, your fears, your love.. Everything…  Take a moment. Ask your self:  What I am grateful for?
Because once you become grateful you become happy.

 “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass… It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” — Vivian Greene

M ♡


Photographs by Biru Capurro. Translated by MA. 

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